provides alternative health care services. As a practitioner, I Leonardo Lupori, use Hypnotherapy, Psych-k, Guided Imagery, Inner Child Journey and other techniques for the clients self - improvement to help them to find the inner strength, so that they can move forward in their life and achieve their goals
Beliefs Trainer is a concept I have created  
In a world of personal trainers, business trainers, love trainers and any sort of trainers that have the intention to change our behaviors, the work we might need it is about training our “subconscious beliefs.” We invest our time and energies in training our body,  in becoming knowledgable on topics and arts, we develop skills and techniques to become the top players of our business game, yet, do we genuinely invest our resources in getting to know the self? 

Beliefs are conclusions, commonly based on informations and/or experience.  As our beliefs can be both conscious and subconscious, my work is focused on our subconscious beliefs, and in helping people to change those subconscious beliefs that do not lead to the wanted outcomes.  
Each person has had unique experiences that shape who they are,  from these life experiences, we develop our subconscious beliefs also called core beliefs. Core beliefs include the thoughts and assumptions we hold about ourselves, others, and the world around us and determine in us how we interpret our experiences. They are deep-seated beliefs which often go unrecognized and yet they constantly affect our lives.  

For example, if subconsciously we believe “I do not deserve happiness,” we will not believe that we can have a happy life. If something joyful happens to us, we believe that it will soon end, and eventually, we will make subconscious decisions to get back in the state of unhappiness where we are more comfortable because we are familiar with that way of feeling. Our subconscious beliefs affect what we achieve and how we operate. Harmful, and often inaccurate, core beliefs – like the one above – will drastically reduce our chances of joy and self-fulfillment in life.

Through life we tend to repeat behaviors, creating what can be described as a “pattern,“ although a behavior might have given unwanted results.  The subconscious mind persists in taking the same route even when consciously and rationally we try to resist, and we wish to change behavior.  
Why? Well, someone would argumenting with us saying that we probably do not want to change. I would agree with them that wishing is not equivalent to wanting, but even do some people would genuinely changing behavior, that change might be difficult because we might be resistant to the change.  I am talking about the fact that we need to consider that we might “wanting “and “un-wanting” something.  There might be a side in us that consciously perceive the change as positive, but also there might be another side in us the unconsciously may do not want to change. 
The unconsciousness or subconscious mind is attracted by what is “familiar,” to what is known.  Our subconscious mind does not distinguish “good” from “bad,” “right” versus “wrong,” it only senses “known “versus “unknown.“ That is why changing habits is difficult because it is about breaking “a subconscious model.”

In order to change our reaction, and to respond instead, we must change our subconscious models, the templates we have adopted.  Sometime, probably during our youth, as we were learning through the experiences in life, we have registered as valid our we felt about those experiences and those feelings have been stored in our deep mind as “beliefs.”  

We heard many times people saying: “we cannot change what people think and how they act, but we can certainly change how we feel about their behaviors.” 
I would agree with those who say that “nobody makes us feel anything; we let others make us feeling in a certain way.” 
Challenging these negative core beliefs can help us develop a healthier understanding of ourselves, and the world around them, by changing perception - we way we take in information, store them and react to the stimuli.  By stopping generalizing and having a response that takes into consideration our full options, by making our best decision based on our goal rather than our defenses mechanisms, we create new outcomes. 

Since those beliefs have been learned throughout our life, and they were not innate, we can re-learn different, creating new beliefs.  

BELIEFS TRAINER  is precisely about learning and training new healthy beliefs that serve us, instead of limiting us. 
With the techniques I use, shifting beliefs is possible. We can re-write your core-beliefs program to run your system to serve you. I use participatory modalities; therefore it is fundamental that the client participates actively in the process in order to make the change happening. 
Beliefs Trainer Inc helps clients to be assimilated into the whole personality and to become their potentialities through a program of self-improvement that doesn’t intend to substitute psychological or physiological cures. Beliefs Trainer Inc's program doesn’t refer to any religion or faith, neither it has the purpose to teach or change faith beliefs. Everyone is welcome, any race, any gender or sexual orientation, as also any faith are welcome, equally treated and respected as long as based on respect for the others.
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