My sessions include a cognitive component, where the clients explain how they feel and how they would like to feel instead, as well as an operative component, where through techniques I help the client to achieve their desired goals. 
The techniques I use are participatory processes meaning that they require the client to participate actively in order to obtain results. Hypnosis, Psych-k, Guided Imagery, and Healing the Inner Child are modalities that have in common a direct communication with the subconscious mind. These techniques bypass the critical mind that often prevents us from expressing our true potentialities. I like to talk about these tools as techniques that I don’t do to the client, but I do with the client.​​​​​​​
Everyone is different, and we experience things differently. 
Typically, clients leave my office with a great feeling of wellbeing, a sense of relaxation, recharged emotionally and physically.
This is due to the sense of relaxation that hypnosis creates in the client, which is one of the many advantages of hypnotherapy, and it is critical for wellbeing. In fact, stress and anxiety contribute up to 35% to exacerbate any condition, therefore reducing anxiety and stress is equivalent to feeling better regardless of the problem you are dealing with.
I practice in two locations in the city of Los Angeles: West Hollywood and Tarzana. 
I offer sessions in English and Italian.
It is paramount for me as a practitioner to establish a reliable, professional and non-judgmental rapport with my clients; therefore, I practice in a healthy and positive environment where I can offer confidentiality and safety. ​​​​​​​
The use of the term " therapy" doesn't refer to the traditional psychotherapy but to any kind of an exercise that helps someone to feel better and grown stronger, therefore referring to a self-improvement journey that is vocational and avocational but never intends to substitute psychological and/or physiological cures.
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