There was a time in our life when we were entirely taken care of. We were fed through a cord, and everything was just perfect; temperature, sound, and light. We had no choices to make, therefore no responsibility for our decisions. 
That was when we were in our mom’s womb. 
As adults, instead, we are constantly required to make decisions for which we are responsible
However, sometimes even as adults, we defer our responsibility, and we make others accountable for our happiness. Even though rationally it is not okay to do this, we engage in a kind of a relationship with excessive reliance on other people, and this kind of behavior becomes a pattern. 

These are people who frequently have difficulty saying “NO” to the ones they love, and they often take responsibility in meeting the needs of their beloveds, instead of their own. They hear loud and clear the requests of their loved ones, but they have a difficult time expressing their own needs.  

They experience feelings of unworthiness or don’t feel deserving of the relationships they possess. 
Their personal boundaries are diffused, denied, ignored
Their sense of self is enmeshed with their partner. 
They lack autonomy, and they are often in toxic relationships where there is a lot of “giving” on their part and not much “taking.” 
Some people would refer to them as having a codependent personality. 
People who have not developed emotional autonomy can significantly benefit from creating their own clear identity by learning to listen and audit their own inner voice.
All this is about your subconscious beliefs, information that you have learned, in particular during your childhood. 
These are not innate characteristics or beliefs; you can re-learn and create new and different beliefs. 
The work that I do with (not on) people who experience what I call the 'womb complex' is to help you tapping into your real identity. Creating a stronger and clear connection with your inner being and inner voice. Establishing healthy boundaries. Becoming emotionally autonomous. All that leads to make a change into the relationship with yourself and with others.

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