Some people aren’t successful as they could be because they feel they don’t have enough of what it takes to be successful. According to their beliefs, they feel missing something, which prevents them from being successful.
They can be professionals, artists, or anybody who is expected to perform; what they have in common is a feeling that they don’t deserve success because someone else is superior to them.
People who have the inferior complex have a tendency to compare themselves with others - What I call comparanoia. 
It can be a physical attribute, a trait of the personality, or even an external requirement. People have feelings of inferiority do not believe to have what it takes to be as successful as they wish to be. 
If you recognize yourself in this description, you might have come to identify the characteristics that successful people must possess, with traits that you don’t embody.
This is in your logic what prevents you from achieving your goals, except that, more likely, this is a perfect example of a limiting belief.
In fact, you might have created a theory of yourself being inferior, and even though rationally you wish to succeed, in defaulting, you serve your subconscious beliefs, keeping homeostasis (steadiness) with your identity as a non - successful person.
It's a vicious circle, your insecurity makes you feel inadequate to succeed in what matters to you; that results in having negative thougths that predict more failures;  which you ending up manisfesting enabling a pattern of self-fulfilling prophecies 
The program that I offer can help you break this pattern and overcome your sense of inferiority, boosting your self-confidence, but most importantly, it can help you improve your self-esteem.

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