There are people who aren’t successful, or who aren’t as successful as they could be, because they feel they don’t have enough of what takes to be successful.  They feel missing something, and that prevents them from being successful, according to their beliefs.
They can be actors, singers, or any kind of performers walking into an audition and feel that they don’t deserve to be hired because someone else is superior to them.
The inferior complex can affect professionals, with any kind of job. Regardless of what is the department of life, the common aspect is that people who have the inferior complex have a strong tendency to compare themselves with others - What I call comparanoia.
They have rationalized their feelings of low self-esteem, they have identified the characteristics that successful people must possess, and typically those are characteristics that they don’t embody.
In other words, they have predetermined why they will not be successful, and their beliefs have become rational reasons to justify their emotional impediments.
It can be a physical attribute, a trait of the personality, or even an external requirement. They do not believe they have what it takes to be as successful as they wish to be. 

I offer a program to overcome your sense of inferiority, boosting your self-confidence, but most important building your self-esteem.
My program combines work that we do together in the seasons, using different techniques to rewrite your subconscious beliefs and the work that you do at home.  
Repetition and hypnosis, that are how our subconscious mind learns. 

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