Etymologically, “procrastination” came from the Latin procrastinare, exactly as I would say it in Italian which translates into — to put off until tomorrow.
However Procrastination is not just a voluntary deferring, it is more than that.
Procrastination differentiates from delaying by the fact that when we procrastinate there is an awareness in us , that we are postponing .
We are delaying and according to our own consciousness  we shouldn’t —  so, we do something against our better judgment.
That means, that self-awareness plays an important part in making us feel “bad” when we procrastinate.
When we procrastinate, we have a double consequences -
we avoid the task and we think that avoiding is a bad idea.
However,  we do it , anyway.
If procrastination isn’t about laziness, then what is it about?
Dr Pychyl professor of psychology and member of “the Procrastination Research Group at Carleton University  says in his book “ solving the procrastination  puzzle” that Procrastination is an emotion regulation problem, not a time management problem,”
Procrastination is in fact helping us to regulate our emotions?
What Dr Pychyl says it actually quite interesting-
Procrastination is a tool that our subconscious mind have chosen to avoid negative feelings.
Procrastination is not the problem , procrastination is the solution, the solution that our subconscious mind might have chosen to avoid certain feelings that we would experience by completing the task, but, because avoiding the task makes us have a negative opinion of ourselves at our consciousness level, eventually I’ll ended up with negative feelings,  anyhow and self-judgement.
Basically, when we procrastinate,  we subconsciously choosing to avoid negative feeling now, over the negative feelings that we will face as consequence of the outcomes that result in our procrastination.
That translates that procrastination is about emotions, not productivity.
That should be surprising us, instant gratification was part of our species even before we started to plan and strategize our future.
Hypnosis is a great tool to discover what simmers in the subconscious mind, to discover what is the subconscious mind avoiding or gaining by procrastinate and move from there. 

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