While the meaning of success is a broad concept: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose; it is very often objectified with a stricter idea: the attainment of popularity or profit.

The first step is to determine what success means for us. We can’t get a target that we can’t see. I usually start with the discovery process, through hypnosis, to help the client unravel what stands in her/his subconscious for success.

Years ago, I was reading an article about a journalist who interviewed 100 top millionaires who had become wealthy as a consequence of their success. They had different experiences and different journeys. Though, they had one thing in common, when they were asked “how did you achieve success?” they all answered by saying “I always believed that I would be successful.”

As we know, the real game is played in the subconscious mind - our consciousness willpower, strategy, and logic play an important role in the game. Regardless of how smart or lucky (in case this is your belief ) we are, if we believe that we don’t deserve what we have achieved, we will do incredible things to lose everything (there are so many stories of lottery winners who have lost what they had gained)
I have seen many clients with the fear of success and/or fear of failure overcoming their fears, which allow them to finally reach success, and keep it.
I use different methods, Psych-k helps shift beliefs, while hypnosis helps to identify and manifest our ideal success. Our life-script sometimes is the limitation to our success - we have been told that we could not get any better, that we were not good enough, we have been told that we will not succeed, we had models that were not successful... The work I do is about releasing the break (limiting beliefs) and pressing the accelerator (becoming our potentialities). Since one doesn't automatically imply the other, I like to work on the limiting beliefs and on the potentialities – this is the secret to my success formula!

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