I remember that movie where an extraordinary elegant Audrey Hepburn was smoking a cigarette with a long black Bakelite cigarette holder. Something about the way she was holding that cigarette together with the fine shape of the holder somehow gave to this beautiful actress even more charm. Easily the spectator could have created a positive association
with smoking, perhaps using the same cigarette holder and adopting her gesture to try to look as charming as Audrey Hepburn. 

Audrey Hepburn was a heavy smoker in her real life. Once, in an interview she revealed why she started to smoke and kept on smoking throughout her entire life (she died at 64 from cancer). “Freedom has a special smell to me, the smell of British petrol and British cigarettes. When I ran out to welcome the soldiers (during the II World War), I inhaled their petrol fumes as if it were a priceless perfume and I demanded a cigarette”.  She had a psychological dependency, an association, with smoking and freedom! 
Smoking cessation, also is known as quitting smoking, is the process of discontinuing tobacco smoking

Smoking dependency has often had two components: one physiological that I like to call addiction, and one psychological that I refer to as the dependency. While the first component, the nicotine addiction can be overcome by cleaning our system (body-brain) from the chemicals released by the cigarettes, particularly easy for those “light smokers” who smoke only a few cigarettes per day, sometimes even just few per week. The second component, the psychological aspect is the real dependency that has its roots in “what the cigarette represents”, and this is often the real obstacle for quitting. 


Hypnosis is a fantastic tool that helps people to shift “unhealthy beliefs“… ("the cigarette is my friend") and negative association ("smoking makes be relax “) by replacing the cigarette with healthy habits.

The smoking cessation package I offer includes three sessions of 75 minutes each and it is mandatory for the client to commit to the package. The 3 sessions of hypnosis are scheduled on the first week, the second week, and 4 weeks after. While some clients stop smoking after the first session, I recommend following the full program, which is based on my professional experience to help people to avoid a relapse. 

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