Everyone experiences stress and anxiety at one time or another. The difference between the two is that stress is a response to a threat in a situation. Anxiety is a reaction to stress.
Researches have proven that stress exacerbates any conditions. Ninety percent (90%) of what takes people to the doctor is stress-related illnesses. 

We can list three type of stress:

1. Physical stress like accidents, injuries, falls, traumas,
2. Chemical weight like bacteria, viruses, hormones and heavy metals in our food and hangovers and blood sugar levels.
3. Emotional stress, which is family tragedies, loss, job, finances, all of which knock our brain and body out of balance.

We can state that by releasing stress, we help our body to heal. Hypnosis is often experienced as a feeling of deep relaxation, and some people describe the hypnotic state as an escape from physical tension and emotional stress while remaining completely alert.

With hypnosis, it is possible to alter the physical and emotional reactiveness of the subject/person and to experience a more desirable response. In other words, the person can create a way of feeling about a stimulus, therefore, a different approach to reacting.


As we know, worrying doesn't help to solve our problems, but it seems to be the way we react when things are not going in the direction we want. Feeling stressed can be okay sometimes, but what happens when we are chronically stressed? Chronic stress happens when as a consequence of trauma (physical, emotional, chemical), our brain activated activates the emergency mode and never stops or resets.
Chronic stress creates muscle tensions, and our organs function in the energy-saver mode. Life-threatening situations activate the adrenal system (fight and flight) response that means you mobilize your energy into your muscles, and you leave the rest of your system in deficit. Consequently, our memory is less effective, we cannot focus, our digestion is not as good, our mental skills are reduced to primitive survival reactions because the stress level has changed the chemistry in our brain/system.

Some people live with antidepressants, and they live with every kind of medication, to numb, to stimulate, to decrease and to increase. The fact is that anxiety is the modern version of the “fight” response in the primitive mind. It’s an uncontrolled reaction that goes like, “I must act, I must take action now.” Anxiety occurs when we think about a tomorrow with uncertainness. The opposite of anxiety is to be able to see all our options. 

As it is not possible for our brain to hold on to two different emotions at the same time, by learning to help our mind to switch off the alarm-emergency mode using hypnosis, we reset our mind into the standard and proper full functionality. At this point, calm and relaxed, it is easier to consider other options to our problem and find the solution that best resonates with us.

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