The mind can be compared to an iceberg, the small tip above the water is the conscious mind, whereas the huge, unseen 90 percent part of the iceberg that is underwater represents the subconscious. Indeed, the subconscious is a very powerful part of our mind, and it is responsible for most things we are able to do every single day in order to survive or excel 
The missing piece is the ability to align subconsciousness beliefs with our consciousness goals in order to create effective sustainable changes. The modalities or techniques I use have in common a direct access to the subconscious mind bypassing the critical mind
The subconscious mind is simply programmed to recognize and attract what is familiar (knowns), not necessarily what is desirable, that is why is paramount to create new associations and beliefs in order to stop unhealthy negative outcomes and to start to create positive healthy choices that works for you, mentally, physically and spiritually.  Nobody  knows better than you what is right and what is wrong for yourself , a clear indicator is that regardless what the others might want and like for you , anything that works for yourself should make you happy, at both levels, consciously and subconsciously, harmonically 
You could change the character of your life by changing your beliefs since our beliefs control our bodies and our minds, and thus our lives, regardless of what supplements you take and what kind of exercise you do, when all is said and done it is your attitude, your beliefs, and your daily thought patterns that have the most profound effect on your health

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