A relationship is a way in which two or more people behave toward each other.  A relationship is made of individuals, and that is where it starts. The dynamics between partners and the dynamics among family's member create a system that constantly affects the individual's psychology.
Carl Gustav Jung - Psychiatric said that "The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed".
Everyone wants to be loved, however, it seems that is the idea of what Love is, that varies from person to person. Sometimes we seem to agree on how we call our connection (friendship, partnership, marriage ext), but it's the meaning we are giving to that word that still, can be different. That creates expectations on how the other should behave and treat us.  
Some, instead, have more difficulty than others in identifying that feeling with positive emotions and a healthy connection. For other people, it is not about getting what they want, but keep on wanting what they have achieved. 
Our personality can be deeply affected by the connection with significant people in our life. It can be compelling to share our life or part of it with someone who is dear to our heart, but sometimes that becomes also a painful experience, in particular for those who “need” the other person.  The fear of abandonment often begins with our first relationship, the one with our prime caretaker (mother, for the most of the people), and persist throughout our lives, in our relationships with friends, peers, colleagues and of course partners. As any other fear, it can emotionally impair people, deprived of their confidence, those who have been going through abandonment have difficulty to trust - “ why should I believe that you will stay?”.
It’s hard to believe that someone can make you happy when you are not happy about yourself, to receive Love, I would say that we must know what Love is, recognize it and believe that we deserve it. People tend to treat us in the way we show them how we treat ourselves. A relationship is excellent opportunities to learn about what we are; however, there is a tendency to keep on attracting and be attracted by, what we recognize as “ familiar” at the subconscious level, regardless if at a more conscious level, we perceive that connection as healthy or not. 
The work we do during the sessions (Healing the inner child, Hypnotherapy, Psych-K), it focuses on exposing patterns of relationships ( having no-relationship is also a pattern) and consider other options that suit better what consciously the client wants to feel like when in a relationship. 
This work involves the client directly, in recognizing and enlightening aspects of his/her personality that often are obscured and play an important role in the dynamics of the relationship, such as core beliefs ( I deserve love, I am worthy of attracting a healthy relationship, I am open to receive and give love, I love myself, etc...)  
Bringing awareness into the client helps the clients to focus on what they want rather than on what they don’t want. Also, learn about the different perceptions that each of us has about relationship and Love, and how essential can be to learn how to communicate our Love in a language reaches the other, and that makes him/her feeling how they want to feel. Hypnosis works in helping rewriting limiting beliefs and in replacing the negative associations, and creating positive changes that leads us toward the kind of relationship we desire. In hypnosis is easier to shift, becoming familiar with the image of ourselves being in a healthy relationship.

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